Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ostrich and Polka Dots!

Due to technical problems stemming from a combination of my ancient, second-hand mac tower and crappy wi-fi internet connection, I have been MIA the last four months. Even though these problems have not been resolved, I have found some way to get connected every now and then in the mean time. Yay!

Here is one of the more recent paintings I've done. I finished this one last month. I've also been working on an 8ft x 4ft panel (photos coming soon!), my biggest one to date. I finished that one last week, phew!

Ahh! I am obsessed with polka dots. Spent a whole drawing night at Donut Wheel meticulously sticking those little round stickers onto tracing paper. For this painting, I "polyurethaned" the polka-dotted tracing paper onto the panel. But I also burned the dots on a silkscreen so I can silkscreen polka dots onto anything!